La-Gon, TaiPan

TaiPan — one of my favorite Westport restaurants — has closed.

A sign on the front and back entrances says it has “merged” with Little Kitchen — its slightly pricier cousin across the street, in the Compo Shopping Center.

However, a much larger sign notes that a new liquor license application has been filed for the property.  The new permittee’s name is Prasad Chirnomula.

A new restaurant will open soon.

In Westport, it always does.

7 responses to “La-Gon, TaiPan

  1. Using a quick Google search, I see that Prasad Chirnomula is the executive chef of the Thali restaurants. The Thali in New Canaan serves up some good Indian food!

  2. Could be the same Prasad who was the original owner of the Bombay Grill. He also opened one in New Canaan. If this is the same Prasad, look for a great restaurant.

  3. Wendy,

    Yes I am the same Prasad and hope to catch you all soon with the 5th Thali in this great town of Westport. These news spread faster than fire.

  4. Dennis Jackson

    Westport’s new neighbor Chef Prasad Chirnomula is also the founder of the Thali restaurants in New Canaan, Ridgefield, and New Haven.

    They are Zagat-rated #1 in CT for Indian cuisine. We love the one in Ridgefield for take out; it’s not far from us in northern Wilton. Give the new one a try, and check for their specials on the web.

    Prasad also conducts periodic cuisine tours to India, classes, etc.

  5. i was bummed to see the closing of taipan today as i drove by, glad to hear we are getting some new indian food though. just hope it has the same ambiance as taipan did.

  6. Prasad knows a thing or two about ambiance…..and a lot more things about food.
    His menus and presentation are fabulous. Wish we still lived there!