Longshore Logo

Miggs Burroughs has done it again.

The talented artist — who designs logos for every important Westport event — has created a handsome look for the celebration of Longshore’s 50 years as a town park.

The “Longshore 50th anniversary” logo will soon be seen all over town.  A book, a video — and of course many special social events — are in the works.  All will be adorned with:

9 responses to “Longshore Logo

  1. Grumpy Old Man

    Well it is spectacular. I am sure the golfers and the tennis players will have something to say about the sail boat but what is, is. My father was
    good friends with Herb Baldwin when they bought the club in 1960. At twelve years of age, I was one of the first to play the golf course. It was in miserable shape with no irrigation and the greens were like coffee tables. The first and 18th hole were parallel to the driving range which sat where the 18th fairway is now. If you sliced off the first tee, you ran the risk of getting hit by a driving range ball or not finding your ball among the hundreds of range balls. The 17th was a marsh landing as well and the exit road ran right through the 11th hole. Cars had to stop for players to hit. Lastly, there was a salt water swimming pool sitting at the point by the salt water sound. Not much sense but maybe that is why the private club had nearly gone bankrupt. But much like the YMCA today, the town argued like hell about buying the place. The best investment it ever made and they have done wonders with the golf course’s renovation. Kudos to Miggs but Longshore will always be a golf course to me (and senior prom). And you know what, my first born son was conceived on the 10th fairway bunker. His nickname is Sandy.

    • Great stuff — particularly the part about your son. You can’t make this stuff up (at least, I hope you can’t).

      In any event, Grumpy — and this is not really grumpy at all — and anyone else with memories of Longshore should email: longshore50@gmail.com. The committee is looking for written, oral and video recollections — these memories are too good to keep your yourselves!

  2. Dick Lowenstein

    As a concession to the golfers or tennis players, maybe Miggs can transform the first “O” into a golf or tennis ball.

    Regardless, it’s an excellent design and, after the “50th Anniversary,” could become the permanent logo for Longshore

    • There actually was discussion as to whether or not to include a golf ball or tennis ball. Rather than make the logo too “busy” — and because the “Shore” in “Longshore” represents both the location and the sensibility of the entire waterside property — the decision was made to go with simplicity. Besides, if either golf or tennis was used, advocates of the other sport would not be pleased!

      A great idea for using this as a permanent logo too, Dick!

  3. Well done, Miggs! As usual, simplicity is always best. Nice choice of fonts too.

  4. Who in Westport, or the whole northeast, doesn’t know that Miggs is a wonderfully talented artist and designer. But who still remembers his father, Bernie, one of the top commercial illustrators in the country in the 50s and 60s? Check out an old Haband catalog for a little of his work. And a sweet, kind guy to boot. I guess the apple really doesn’t ….oh you know.

  5. Linda Gramatky Smith

    And anyone who remembers The Remarkable Bookshop on Main St (site of Talbot’s now) will remember Migg’s mother, Esta Burroughs, helping customers find the perfect book. Esta still volunteers at the Westport Historical Society every Monday morning (except the one Monday a week when I substitute for her). Both of his parents were and are nice, talented human beings!

  6. Linda Gramatky Smith

    Ooops, forgot to say, GREAT logo, Miggs!

  7. It’s a nice design, but ignoring golf in the logo, the single biggest activity at Longshore which attracts more people who utilize the park that ANY OTHER part of the facility, has been a big mistake.