Max Orland Joins The Red Sox

Max Orland always dreamed of working with the Boston Red Sox.

Four years after graduating from Staples, he can strike that off his to-do list.

Max Orland

A 4-year student manager for the University of Delaware baseball team, Max has left the Blue Hens for the BoSox.  Right now he’s in Fort Myers, Florida, working as an operations and equipment intern during spring training.

Max prepared for this opportunity for years — and never let his speech and language disability get in the way.  At Staples he was part of the baseball team.  During summers he worked with the Bridgeport Bluefish and Pawtucket Red Sox.

Since his first day at Delaware, he’s been an invaluable member of their athletic department.

In addition to his baseball work, Max assisted the men’s basketball team.  According to, his “positive demeanor and undying energy” were hallmarks of his Newark career.

Delaware baseball coach Jim Sherman called Max’s service with the Red Sox “our loss for the next 6 weeks. When Max isn’t around, you realize how much he does.  From getting the equipment ready, to doing all the preparations for practices and games, those are all things we’re going to miss.”

Sherman said the team will also miss “Max’s humor in the dugout.”

Max finishes out this spring, having earned 60 credits.  He will receive an advanced certificate in sport management.  And a major league job already under his belt.

3 responses to “Max Orland Joins The Red Sox

  1. Grumpy Old Man

    My BoSox can use all the good help they can muster to overcome the devilish Yankees.
    Glad to see it is homegrown.

  2. That’s an excellent story! I like to see people following their dreams.

  3. wendy Trotta

    Max- need your email