Haiti Collection Snag — Any Solutions?

People in Haiti still need our help. (Photo credit: AP/Jorge Cruz)

“06880” reader Wendy Newton no longer lives in Westport.  But she read a recent post about a 1-day collection of important items for Haiti, and she wanted to help.  She packed up clothes, bedding — whatever she could find — to bring here.

Bad weather delayed her trip.  Now she’s learned that the collection has been almost too successful.

The shipper quoted a figure of $5,000 for the near-containerful of goods that is warehoused, ready for Winy Cedon to take to Haiti for distribution.  That’s almost $3,000 more than the initial projected cost.

Organizers are desperate to come up with a couple of fundraising ideas — or angels to make monetary donations.  Action is needed as quickly as possible.

“06880” readers are a creative, committed bunch.  Click the “Comments” tab at the top or bottom of this post to offer suggestions — or contact Karen Hube (karen_hube@yahoo.com) directly.

Getting a container filled with goods was the hard part.  Finding funds to get them to Haiti should be easy.

5 responses to “Haiti Collection Snag — Any Solutions?

  1. Dennis Jackson

    What alternatives really are there besides first bidding it out to a number of shippers while asking for consideration of the critical humanitarian nature of the shipment to be confident they’ve got the lowest shipping cost, and then either asking one of our area corporations for a gift to cover the extra cost, or to provide a matching grant to equal the donations of those who gave clothing plus money for shipping?

    Or asking those who contributed clothing to each give another $10? We’d contribute a little more in a heartbeat if others would.

  2. Grumpy Old Man

    It is a terrible tragedy in Haiti although I am not surprised that the relief efforts are having difficulties. It was much the same with Katrina. But where those inflicted have my sympathy, I am not sure why 100 million isn’t going to the 97,000 homeless in Los Angeles every night???
    My dollar is directed at American problems, which are plentiful.

    • There is no lack of causes to support. We each do what we can, however and wherever we can. The tragedy in Haiti has caused many people to look — some for the first time — at the myriad problems in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, not far at all from Florida.

      Some people focus their efforts on their own backyard — or a backyard somewhere in this country.

      Some people have redoubled their commitment, and dig deep to do what they can in Haiti, adding it to all that they already do here.

      There is no right or wrong answer. Well, I take that back — there is. The wrong answer is to sit back and do nothing at all, anywhere.

  3. Refocusing local: In the 1960s and 1979s, Westport hosted the oldest, longest-lasting center for peace and human rights in the country. It was a town of people of conscience. I believe it still is, and was warmed by and proud of this very personal and local attempt to help the Haitian people. Though the national media is on to other things, countless children and adults in Haiti still have no beds, no roofs over their heads, no care for their infected wounds –and worse. Now is the time to double-down and show hat kind of town Westport can be.

  4. interesting to see a list of what is being sent, i.e., to see if it is indeed better to spend the money on shipping or if the money is better achieves it’s intended purpose as a cash donation allowing the people in haiti to purchase their own beds, rebuilding supplies, medical supplies, etc.