Wall Street Meets Main Street — Westport-Style

Much of America learns about the financial crisis by reading the Wall Street Journal, and watching congressional hearings on C-Span.

Not Westport.  Our town is filled with what used to be called Masters of the Universe.  They work on Wall Street, but return here at night.

And when they’ve got a spare minute, they share their insights with the rest of us.

David Komansky

Last year, at one of the bleakest moments in economic history, David Komansky and Marc Lasry delivered what they’d promised to a standing room only Westport Library crowd:  helpful, thoughtful insights from 2 men with important perspectives.

This Thursday they return (7:30 p.m., McManus Room), for a “Community Conversation:  What’s Happened to Wall Street, Part II.”

Komansky spent 35 years at Merrill Lynch.  At the height of its power, he was chairman and CEO.  He serves on the Library’s Advisory Council.

Marc Lasry

Lasry is founder and CEO of Avenue Capital Group, a $20 billion distress hedge fund firm.

Dan Goodgame — financial journalist, editor and media consultant — will moderate.

The discussion will include a look at the past year; bailouts and their aftermaths; the implications for the future — and much more.

Chris Dodd and Barney Frank:  Eat your hearts out.

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