Helping The Pensaks

A week ago today, Zack Pensak had a horrible skiing accident.

For several days, the Staples freshman was in an induced coma.  Finally, from many miles away — a Vermont hospital — the news was good.  Zack woke up, recognized his parents, asked about his dog, and has made it out of bed a few times on his own.

The Staples, Bedford and soccer communities — and many others in Westport — rallied to help the Pensaks.  E-mails flew from group to group; cell phones buzzed.

Now there’s an easier way to communicate and offer assistance:  the Zack Pensak Blog.

Karen Swanson created the site as a 1-stop site for information.  Click here to:

  • Learn about Zack’s progress
  • Offer transportation, meal and other help to Zack’s grandmother and brother, who are here in Westport
  • Provide meals for the Pensaks, once Zack moves closer to Westport for rehabilitation and therapy
  • Post messages for Zack and the Pensak family
  • Help with dog-walking
  • Find an address for cards for Zack
  • Donate money via PayPal.

A subscription feature will send an email whenever Steve and Eve — Zack’s parents — post an update on his condition.

The latest information is this:

Zack is young and healthy, and his doctors expect a great recovery.  Because of the complexity of the brain, Zack’s treatment and recovery plan is fluid and not fully predictable.  Support from family and friends is an important part of the process.  The best approach for those who want to support Zack is to be hopeful, and take his progress and plans day by day.

4 responses to “Helping The Pensaks

  1. jill denowitz

    thanks for posting this Dan. It will make it so much easier for the Pensaks to read everyone’s words. It is truly remarkable how so many segments of the Westport community have rallied behind Zack. All of the thoughts and prayers and offers of help were/are so appreciated. It makes me proud to be a member of this community! All fingers crossed for a full and speedy recovery!

  2. Our hearts go out to the Pensaks, may he make a full recovery!

  3. My family and I wish Zack all the best in the way of a full recovery, and we will keep him and the Pensaks in our hearts and minds.

  4. To The Pensaks – you are in our thoughts and for Zack- a full and speedy recovery.