Saying Thanks To Save The Children

Save the Children — 1 of the world’s premier aid organizations — began working in Haiti in 1978.  With 200 staff members in that country, they are in great position to deliver aid in the wake of the devastating earthquake.

But being a leading agency means the pressures are great too.  Save the Children staffers here in Westport are raising funds, organizing relief, worrying about victims, worrying about their own friends and colleagues there and here, and doing it all around the clock.

“06880” reader Jane Horton is concerned about the devastation in Haiti — and about what it means for the many Save the Children folks right here on Wilton Road.  She says:

To steal a line from Jack Mitchell:  They probably can use a hug right now.

How do we give them encouragement when they’re not even coming up for air?  How do we tell them we are so proud of the work they are doing for so many mothers and babies?  How do we tell them we’re so sorry for their loss?  I feel like they need to know Westport cares about them.

That’s a great question.  “06880” doesn’t have the answer.  But we’re sure “06880” readers will.

Click on the “Comments” link at the top or bottom of this post.  Let the rest of us know what we can do for Save the Children — as they save the children (and adults) of Haiti.

Or just leave a comment that says “thanks.”

Every little bit helps.

(Click here to make a monetary contribution to Save the Children’s Haiti efforts — or text “Save” to the phone number 20222.)

4 responses to “Saying Thanks To Save The Children

  1. We are so proud of Save the Children. I was proud of it before moving to Westport, and more so now, and would love for everyone there to know the entire world respects what Save the Children does.

  2. Update: Within 3 hours of this posting, “06880” received this from the Westport Young Womens League. Of course, all volunteers are welcome — not just WYWL members:

    “I am sure you have been asking yourself, “how can I help those affected by the horrific earthquake in Haiti?” Although it is not the mission of the League to focus our efforts outside our community, it feels impossible to stand by and not offer assistance to our world community.

    With the home office of Save the Children in our backyard, we have a unique opportunity to help. Knowing of our service and commitment to the community, Save the Children is reaching out to the WYWL seeking volunteers for the call center.

    Volunteers are needed every day this week (Wednesday – Sunday) during the following time slots: 10-12 a.m., 1-3 p.m., 3-5 p.m., 6-9 p.m. You will be trained to answer calls from donors. The call center is located on Wright Street near the Save the Children headquarters. They are in special need of adults who speak and write Spanish and Portuguese.

    Save the Children is also in need of food for call center volunteers and is asking for donations of breakfast, lunch and dinner for 15 – 20 people. Examples of breakfast items are bagels and cream cheese or muffins; lunch could be sandwiches or pasta; dinner could be lasagna or other type of entree.

    If you are able to help in the call center, contact Janet Szymansky ASAP at and let her know what time slots you are available. If you can donate food, contact Andrew Bowden,

  3. realizing i amgoing to get slamed for this, because it will sound so business-oriented, please don’t forget that what haiti needs always is foreign investment, mutually beneficial and reciprocal partnership agreements, etc. the country was and will again be capable of handling investments and the sooner those come in, the sooner donations won’t be necessary.

  4. Deirdre O'Farrelly

    I will try and help out with lunches or something to Save the children during those hours