Cougars In Westport

To some Westporters, the word “cougar” conjures up images of Benjamin Braddock and Mrs. Robinson.

Others think of the nation’s largest, deer-stalking cat.

That cougar — once the most widely distributed land mammal in the Western Hemisphere, now an endangered specie — is the one Westport is concerned with today.

News 12 is carrying a story about sightings in Westport and Cos Cob.  (They call it a mountain lion; according to the US Fish & Wildlife Service, “cougar,” “mountain lion” and “puma” all refer to the same animal.)

Cougars have no natural enemies.  Eastern cougars’ primary prey includes white-tailed deer, porcupines and other smaller mammals.

Keep your pets in at night!

5 responses to “Cougars In Westport

  1. When we lived in Litchfield Co. I saw a mountain lion on our winding country road near mid-night one night. I asked a neighbor (thinking she’d laugh at me) and she said,”Oh, yes, I’ve seen that mountain lion!” There is always controversy over whether or not they really are out there. There is no mistaking them, though. They have that long “vacuum cleaner” tail, and they are not very spooked by people at all, in fact, the one I saw just seemed annoyed at the car headlights but did not rush to get out of the way. I wouldn’t doubt if they found a way to live all throughout CT, in the woods, etc.

  2. It’s amazing what comes into our backyards at night……We all should be a little more aware.
    In Cos Cob that night, My husband and I saw a mountain lion. Although the tracks we found the next day were inconclusive, they were large and there. I have spoken with numerous wild life people and the cat keeper at the beardsley zoo.
    They have all told me it’s totally possible.
    We know for sure, We saw it. Very cool.

  3. We spend a lot of time in the southern Berkshires, right on the Litchfield County line. One morning I was sitting on the porch when a long feline animal emerged from the tall grass on one side of the driveway, paused in the middle of the driveway, took a look at me (about 200 yards away, thank God) and then proceeded on their way to the grass on the other side. It was gorgeous!!

  4. We live on Cat Rock Rd right behind Bible St.
    To those who don’t know the aria, it’s a heavily wooded with lots of rocky hills with plenty of space where a big cat can go unnoticed.
    We have seen the big cat three times over the past 6 years. We have called animal control several times only to be brushed off & were told “there are no mountain lions in CT”.
    The mountain lion seems to roam & will go unseen for quite a long time. When he/she is in the area, the deer disappear.

  5. The cougar has a teritory of 100 square miles

    One living in Cos Cob is extremely UNLIKELY as it would have to pass through Stamford, Bridgeport, ETC to get to the woods