Haiti Is Here

The news from Haiti — as devastating as it is — may seem distant from Westport.

Haitians working in Fairfield County support relatives back home. Days after the earthquake, the fate of many is still unknown.

But Fairfield County has a substantial Haitian population.  It is centered in Bridgeport and Norwalk — and though we don’t always notice them, we see Haitian men and women every day.  They work in our stores and shops; they serve as nurses, health aides and home care attendants.  One of the biggest local employers of Haitians — before it closed — was Shaw’s.

An “06880” reader reports:

I was talking to the man who collects carts in the parking lot at Stew Leonard’s today.  He does not know if his wife, children, mother or other family members are even alive.   He is certain he has lost his home and everything he has in the world — and he said he has no one to speak to about it.  He is only one of the many Haitians working there.

Westporters can donate to Haitian relief in plenty of ways, including Westport-based Save the Children.  We can also help the Haitians here, if only through the simple act of lending an ear.

One response to “Haiti Is Here

  1. that man at stew leonard’s should go to the local congressman’s office where they will assist him in finding out information on his relatives (Himes’ office is working aggressively on this making sure to serve the haitian community here), and he should not worry about his immigration status (concerns about lapsed immigration status can be a reason people don’t access the most reliable sources of information).