They Didn’t Teach That In Health Class

Tim Stalling graduated from Staples in 1986 with lots of knowledge.  Delivering babies was not one of them.

Office Tim Stalling

He learned that skill at the Police Academy.  He probably thought he’d never need it — but Kendra D’Andrea’s baby thought differently.

Stalling — a Fairfield police officer — was working at 4:45 this morning when he was received a 911 call.  D’Andrea and her husband, Daniel Acuff, were ready to head to the hospital with a police escort.

Young Annika had different plans.  Stalling helped D’Andrea delivere the baby in the living room.

According to, the couple’s 2 other daughters “were kind of not sure what to think” of the unplanned home delivery of their new sister.  “I told them to go upstairs,” D’Andrea said, “and I heard the older one say to the younger one, ‘Did you hear a baby cry?'”

Stalling — the first emergency responder on the scene — and the EMT “were great,” D’Andrea said.  “The EMT held the baby for me the entire ride into the hospital.”

“We’re very proud of Officer Stalling,” said Fairfield Deputy Police Chief Gary McNamara.  “We don’t very often have an opportunity to do something so meaningful, and bring so much joy into a person’s life.”

Mother, father, daughter — and Stalling — are all resting comfortably tonight.

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  1. You never know what those Stalling boys are up to!