Feliz Navidad (Part 2)

After years of flying under the radar, Jose Feliciano is back in the news.

Jose Feliciano

Hot on the heels of our “06880” report on his low-key Christmas shows for the elderly, a web site has apologized to him for parodying “Feliz Navidad.”

Earlier this month Human Events.com — a conservative site that finds a cloud in every silver lining– posted “The Illegal Alien Christmas Song,” anti-immigrant rant to the tune of the Puerto Rico-born singer’s mega-hit.  He said he had written his song — sung in English and Spanish — “to create a bridge between two wonderful cultures, (not) as a political platform of racism and hate.”  He said he was “revolted beyond words.”

Human Events mumbled something to the effect that they “regret any offense that Mr. Feliciano may have taken from this parody.”

Right.  And that sound you hear is the Human Events office sitting around the Weston resident’s living room, softly singing “Kumbaya.”

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