Westport Library’s 15 Minutes

David Pogue is a man in constant motion.

The Westporter is a New York Times technology correspondent (print, online, video, blog), as well as 1 of the best selling how-to authors in the world (3 million books in print).

In his spare time, he’s an Emmy Award-winning tech correspondent for CBS News.

In that capacity, he swept into the Westport Library the other day.  He took a few photos, illustrating a piece that will run on “CBS Sunday Morning” tomorrow about wireless hot spots.

David uses Westport locations quite a bit — my favorite video had him tossing cellphones into the Saugatuck River — and while the Library’s appearance tomorrow might be closer to “15 seconds of fame” than “15 minutes,” it might be worth tuning in.  Whenever David Pogue talks, you’re bound to learn something.

Besides, what else can you do during a blizzard?

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