Calvin Comes Home

Last June, “06880” asked readers to send supplies to Calvin Wauchope.  The 21-year-old sergeant needed baby wipes, dried fruit, toiletries and the like for his 40-man unit in Afghanistan.

Westport responded wonderfully.

This morning Calvin’s mother Katherine passed along some great news.  Calvin’s email to her said:

To give you an update, I am starting to make move back home!  I left my base and am at a bigger base for about 5-7 days, then one other base for about 48 hrs and then I will be out of Afghanistan and in Kyrgyzstan for however long it takes to do customs and get a flight, should not be more than 4 days.

Looks like we will be home by the 2nd or so!  I got an awesome shower and great food.  Eating real food now and have just been going to the gym and watching movies.  I sleep at night and the internet is a mess here had to wait like 45 min to get on but Ill call on sunday I guess maybe before.

Love Ya, Cal

Good things happen to good people.  Welcome home, Cal — and thanks for all you have done, for all of us.

Sgt. Calvin Wauchope

3 responses to “Calvin Comes Home

  1. A great American! Thank you and God Bless you!

  2. Semper fidelis Sgt Wauchope. Welcome home. Thanks for your service to our country.

  3. Thank you Calvin.