Running Home With Suzanne Sherman Propp

Baseball and music fit together like a ball and glove.

There’s “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”  John Fogerty’s classic “Centerfield.”

Now, add Suzanne Sherman Propp’s “Running Home.”

Suzanne Sherman Propp

Suzanne Sherman Propp

The singer/songwriter/Green’s Farms Elementary School music teacher’s tune provides a fitting soundtrack to  Major League Baseball’s 2009 video — a montage including the opening of New York’s 2 new stadiums, Jacoby Ellsbury’s steal of home, Mark Buehrle’s perfect game, Eric Bruntlett’s unassisted triple play, Derek Jeter passing Lou Gehrig with hit number 2,722, the Yankees’ triumphant World Series win, a little girl throwing back a ball in Philadelphia, and many other highlights that I never heard of but am duly reporting thanks to a gushing press release that promises “more than a few goosebumps.”

Hyperbole aside, it’s quite an honor for Suzanne, described by MLB as a “mother of two including a 12-year-old baseball player.”

“When we sit in the stands as parents there’s such a mix of emotions, highs and lows, the thrill of watching your kid coming around third and tearing for home” she said, in a quote probably massaged by Major League Baseball’s press flacks.

“It’s so close to Matsui coming around third and heading home on that walk-off hit, with that anticipation of coming home and everyone watching and feeling that excitement.”

(“Running Home” was produced with help from Suzanne’s brother, Russell Sherman.)

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