Coyote Brings Life To Downtown

S-l-o-w-l-y but surely, life returns to downtown.

Tonight, the Community Arts Center opens on 42 Main Street.  We hope the execution has more pizzazz than the name.  (Which, by the way, has nothing to do with the Westport Arts Center.  Or the Fairfield Community Theater.)

Al Coyote Weiner

Al "Coyote" Weiner

The new Center — in the funky, 2nd-floor space of the Art Up gallery — hosts a reception (7-10 p.m.) honoring avant-garde painter and recording artist Al “Coyote” Weiner.  Performances by local musicians, and “a number of media activities,” follow.

Already I’m impressed.  “Coyote” is not your basic Westport nickname.  He’ll display more than 30 new paintings, and play compositions from his latest album.  This could be very avant-garde.

Food and beverages will be provided by Oscar’s, Bobby Q’s, “and other local eateries.”

The Center, a press release says, will showcase its new Interactive Multi-Media Lab, featuring a “surround sound lock-to-picture recording studio and High Definition (HD) video-editing suite.  The Lab will also sponsore innovative workshops on electronic music recording and editing.

The press advisory continues:  “Diverse workshops will also be offered, which can be recorded and published on the web.  Photography & composition, music, singing, acting, culinary activities, psychology, politics, current events, and various crafts are some of the offerings of the Center.  Clubs will also be formed, which could use the premises fo their meetings.”

Those are verbatim quotes, most of which I don’t understand.  Yet despite sounding vague and ethereal, in a Bolinas sort of way, the Cool Potential is high.

Particularly because The Community Arts Center is smack in the middle of downtown.  And there is actually something going on there at night.

Let’s turn out in force, to howl for Coyote.

One response to “Coyote Brings Life To Downtown

  1. Hey Dan,
    Thanks for the howl!!, the show was a lot of fun and Coyote was in top form. Sharon Levin & Jessica Raposo performed a classical flute recital, wow.

    Great blog!!!!
    Todd Tracy