Solving The T-1 Mystery


“06880” reader Luisa Francoeur was puzzled recently, when dozens of white bags saying “T-1, November 5” sprouted in her Old Hill neighborhood.

She wondered if “06880” knew what was up.  We not only did not know; we had never heard of the bags before.

Luisa took matters into her own hands.  Somehow, she learned that November 5 was the 2nd annual “T-1 Luminary Enlightenment” event, to raise awareness of type 1/juvenile diabetes.  Across the country, participants lit luminaries to raise awareness of, and shine light on — get it? — the need to find a cure for this devastating disease.

You learn something new every day.  I learned something about luminaries, and type 1/juvenile diabetes.

But here’s the reason this is a great “06880” story:  The T-1 Enlightenment website instructs everyone, everywhere, to take pictures of their luminaries, and send them to a Westport post office box.

Westport:  a world leader in curing juvenile diabetes.  Is this an amazing town or what?

3 responses to “Solving The T-1 Mystery

  1. Thanks, I wondered what they were too, amazing town, our town

  2. In Darien there is a group that have sold these type of luminaries for charity too. They usually do it during the holidays. But parts of the town have really gotten into it and get several dozen or more and they light up the neighborhoods. Nothing is prettier than driving at night and seeing hundreds upon hundreds of candles flickering. What a great annual event could this be in our fare town

  3. it was started by a, now first grader at kings highway, Harrison Zuckerberg, when he was diagnosed with it. You should contact the family. It’s a tremendous story and Harrison has been on the Today show and been photographed everywhere with celebrities raising awareness for type 1 diabetes. His mother, Courtney, also launched a company that makes belts and pant cuffs and the proceeds go to this cause. Great story!