Soup’s On!

An “06880” reader writes:

Now that it’s soup season, I long for Soup’s On — as I do every fall and winter.

Onion soupI spent so much time at that restaurant on Main Street enjoying the onion soup, salad with green goddess dressing and warm rolls — ahhhh yummm!

I hope to prepare this for my family — mostly my daughters who listen to my stories as we walk downtown, and I assure them it was not always like it is now.  There used to be wonderful places to eat and hang out with friends.

I have found no one who can duplicate the taste of this wonderful recipe.  Can you help?  Are there any long-lost contacts to Soup’s On?

“06880” readers:  Hop to it.  Click the “Comments” tab at the top or bottom of this story.  Let’s bring Soup’s On — or at least Soup’s On’s onion soup — back to life!

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    That is the link from my catering website to the curriculum I wrote for Culinary Arts II for my class at Staples HS.

    Link to the unit on France, there is a very good fool-proof recipe for French Onion Soup as well as some others that are very good.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email! Bon Appetit!

  2. Dan:

    If anyone re-discovers the beloved Onion Soup recipe mentioned on 06880, we would be happy to feature it at Bobby Q’s. We are thinking about bringing the old Onion Alley French Onion Soup Recipe back shortly as well.


    Bob LeRose
    Bobby Q’s Barbeque and Grill
    42 Main Street
    Westport, CT 06880

  3. My aunt Deidre Kantor opened Soup’s On with Sue Fine. I have sent Dan’s post to her. She is still in Westport and yes, the onion soup was the best!

  4. Soup’s On was one of my favorite restaurants. It was simple, good and seemed healthy. I always wondered why it closed, since it seemed like a good business model.

  5. sarah kerstin gross

    i am only seeing this now in search of Sue Fine’s contact information
    Lili was the chef at Soups On and i was the baker who got her first chef job there,. Sadly Lili died October 2oth and her recipes with her
    Anyone who might have Sue Fine’s current contact email or address or phone please contact me at
    as we would like to let Sue know
    thank you
    Sarah Kerstin Gross
    memorial services are tentatively 9am Nov 5th at St Lukes – when official i will let Danny Woog know