Just Wondering…

Loyal “06880” reader Chip Stephens passes along 3 point to ponder:

  • truckWhy is this truck parked in Parker Harding Plaza 24/7/356, when the rest of the world gets tickets after 1 or 2 hours — and there are signs saying “No Overnight Parking”?  The truck is there when we leave after dinner at Acqua, and still there when we go to Starbucks to wake up.  Never a ticket.  What’s up?
  • Westport is praised for banning killer grocery bags.  In fact, the New York Times has praised it in many articles.  So it’s strange that hundreds of Timeses are delivered to Westport every morning in plastic bags (double bagged in the rain).  A double standard, wouldn’t you say?  And I won’t even comment at the plastic bag dispensers at the parks and beaches for preserving biodegradable doggie poop.
  • The fastest non-highway speed in Westport is 35 mph.  The signs say it’s so; the weekly wrecks say otherwise.  But try to do the speed limit in town.  You’ll get tailgated, and the finger.   If, that is, the driver isn’t already complaining to someone on his or her cell phone.

3 responses to “Just Wondering…

  1. Paul Greenberg

    I’d say that Chip needs to change to decaf 😉


    * the bag law is hypocritical feel-good legislation that really does little,

    * the truck probably is from one of the stores that is either going into or out of business


    Chip, don’t be such a nattering nabob of negativity on the speed. I bet that even you have exceeded the speed limit at least once this week. I believe that most of the accidents are NOT caused by absolute speed but by inattentive driving or poor driving skills. The speed limits in this town, and most of CT for that matter, are probably set unrealistically low. In fact most of the crack-ups would not be much different at 30MPH or 40MPH….

  2. Champion Scooper

    However, the plastic newspaper bags make excellent pooper scooper mits — so you can get at least one recycling out of them and forgo those things in the dispensers.

  3. I’m pretty sure the truck is rented by Pottery Barn. They use it to make runs to their off-site warehouse and to make local home deliveries.

    And I agree with Chip on points 1 & 2, however, I respectfully disagree on the speeding issue.