Challah Shame

challahAs Rosh Hashanah approached, a local baker was besieged by customers asking for challah.  Because he can produce only a few loaves of the traditional bread at a time, he limited them to folks who called in orders ahead of time.

One customer did not like the policy.  Why, she demanded, could she not have someone else’s challah?

The woman at the counter patiently explained the policy, and the reasoning behind it.

“You’re a challah Nazi!” the customer spat back.

On one hand, that’s an almost comic overreaction.

On the other — considering the holiday — it shows an embarrassing ignorance of history.  Or perhaps a willful misuse of it.  Either way, the customer never apologized.

Perhaps that’s something she might think about a week from tomorrow.  It’s Yom Kippur — the Day of Atonement.

5 responses to “Challah Shame

  1. Wasn’t there a Seinfeld episode about the last loaf of bread at a bakery? Btw, we got out challah from Great Cakes…..and it was nothing short of “great”.

    • It was a Marble Rye and of course another episode profiled the Soup Nazi so this is sort of a combination of two Seinfeld episodes.

      Dan, you’re a funny guy so I’m hoping you made this story up. If you didn’t, it’s scary instead of funny.

  2. Dan’s challah story is true.
    I encountered similar scenario when I picked up the 2 challah’s my wife had ordered from great Cakes.. They were great..
    Also- the rude people have all week to atone.. by the end of Yom Kippur.. it is written.

  3. I wish I could know who this person is so I can pray for her …. She needs help …Unfortunately there are growing numbers of people like this. Happy Holidays to all. And, order your challah early