Illegal Invasion

The flyers were stuffed in orange plastic bags.  Weighted down with small stones, they were tossed near newspapers, on driveways along Roseville Road.

“Illegals Are Invading!” one said.  Above a black-and-white drawing of a menacing-looking person — it’s hard to tell whether he’s an “illegal” or a vigilante — are these words:

Illegal aliens are invading your neighborhood.  More come everyday (sic), taking your jobs and costing taxpayers billions of dollars every year in health care costs and an increased need for police and other services.

Four paragraphs later, it concludes:

What can you do?  Join the fight against illegal immigration and the problems that come with it!

The second flyer — featuring a map of the US, with crude black arrows pointing from Mexico to the Northeast, Midwest and Northwest — asks:  “Immigration or INVASION?”  It continues:

If current trends continue Americans will be a minority in their own country in less than 50 years.  Illegals are turning America into a third-world slum.  They come for welfare, or to take our jobs and bring with them drugs, crime and disease.  Let’s send them home NOW!

Both flyers invite recipients to contact “NEWP.”  That’s North East White Pride — I had to google it, because (I’m guessing) whoever made the flyers knew the full name would be incendiary.  A link to NEWP, a Massachusetts address and a phone number were provided.  (The NEWP website says it’s been “supporting white, working class communities since 2003.”)

Setting aside the obvious question — are “illegals” really invading Roseville Road and taking jobs from Westporters?  — “06880” has this to say:

Man up.  Provide a local contact.  NEWP members didn’t drive from Massachusetts to toss plastic bags on Westport driveways.  At least 1 local person is behind this venom.

You have every right to distribute anti-“illegal” literature.  This country was founded on the principle of free speech, and “06880” will defend staunchly your right to say whatever you want, about whomever you want — as odious as your flyers may be.  It’s the American way.

But at least let us know who you are.  That’s the American way too.

First Amendment - US Constitution

7 responses to “Illegal Invasion

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  2. Dick Lowenstein

    Illegal immigration is a fair topic to discuss, as it has an impact on all of us. But to wrap it in “white pride” puts it in a different arena: racism. I got a scent of it two weeks ago in Norwalk, when Rep. Himes spoke on health care. The stench is beginning to spread, as it infiltrates legitimate free speech, where it both publicly denied and but privately encouraged

  3. Why is it no matter what time(era), country, or social standing this type of hate or anti sentiment rears it’s ugly head. History repeats itself! Sadly there is always those who want to blame, accuse, or use as a scape goat. In bad times there is always some people jumping on financial bandwagons of quick get rich schemes and hate machines. Let’s get smart people only hard work and some luck will put dollars in our pocket and the lowly immigrant who cuts your lawn or tries to get day labor work is not taking your jobs. Hate of this kind has no place in our community no less anywhere.

  4. As always, well said, Dan.

  5. It is obvious that you have baught into the government and media lies about “they are only here for work” and “they do the jobs that Americans won’t do”. With illegals stealing our jobs aside, look at the financial toll that they take on our governmental system, health care, welfare, educational system, judicial system, etc. While you may believe in “social justice” and “equality”, things do not work that way in this country, nor have they ever, nor will they ever. Non-whites (Jews included) will always be cankerous to the very fabric of Americanism. This land was founded by whites for whites. And please don’t use the tired saying; “But the Indianas where he first” and/or “We are all immigrants”. It is the white man that has built this nation to what it is. As a matter of fact, it is the white man who has built civilizations since the dawning of the age of man. So you can bet that we are tired of the influx of illegals coming into our country and jeopardizing the future of our white children.

  6. Get in the attic jew!

  7. Great job to whoever is sticking up for working American men and women against the government backed flood of illegal immigrants. As if losing MILLIONS of jobs, while millions of unskilled, undocumented “workers” (as if the majority of them actually work) pour into the country isn’t enough – the new plague of Mexican Swine Flu is a direct result of unchecked border crossings that have allowed millions of infected people to illegally enter our country, costing US taxpayers untold BILLIONS of dollars.

    Like it or not America was founded by White men, as a home for White men. Like it not America was built on a European (aka White) values system backed by White European culture and shared heritages. The current influx of illegals oppose our system and our American culture.

    Press 1 for English? No thanks! Press 1-866-dhs-2-ice to report an illegal!

    You want a local contact? Don’t be lazy, visit the website or call the number on the flier and a local person will be happy to get in touch with you.