Slo Leak

Charlie Karp was in my class at Staples.

Charlie Karp (left) and Keith Richards

Charlie Karp (left) and Keith Richards

Well,  for a few weeks anyway.  As a sophomore he left school to play guitar with Buddy Miles.  They recorded 4 albums together, including the legendary “Them Changes.”  Charlie also toured with a guy named Jimi Hendrix.

He eventually returned home.  For 30 years he’s been a local legend, fronting bands like White Chocolate and Dirty Angels.  Now a singer-songwriter-producer, he’s won Emmys for work with HBO and CBS Sports, PBS and A&E.

In the 1990s he hooked up with then-Westporter Danny Kortchmar.  A renowned producer-guitarist, Danny has worked with Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, James Taylor and Billy Joel.

Danny Kortchmar

Danny Kortchmar

Jamming together evolved into Slo Leak.  Danny calls their music “new century blues — very modern, but based on traditional blues.  It’s got a terrific groove.”

Tomorrow night (Friday) at 8, Slo Leak performs on Bobby Q’s roof.  Both guitarists are excited to be back in action, in front of their many local fans.

“I love playing in my home town,” Charlie says.  “And I think people will like seeing a show in downtown Westport.  It’ll be more of a concert — not a typical bar scene.”

Danny has never played on a roof before.  He doesn’t know what it will be like, but he promises one thing:  “We play ass-shakin’ music.”

(Bobby Q’s is located at 42 Main Street, Westport.  Tickets for Slo Leak are $20.  For more information, click here.)

5 responses to “Slo Leak

  1. Yeah, it was at our senior show at Staples that Buddy Miles Express played, after which I heard that Charlie Karp met Buddy at a party afterward somewhere in Westport that same night and the rest is history. Didn’t he also played with Captain Beefheart? Rock on, Charlie, I’ll try to make it to your show tomorrow night (Sept. 11th here in NYC–a difficult day for all. I was a nurse at St. Vincent’s Hospital on that day). It would probably do me good to see Slo Leak–ass-shakin’ music always do!

  2. Eric Buchroeder

    I went to “Y” camp with Charlie in the 60’s. I’ll never forget paddling with him in a canoe on Candlewood Lake on a group outing making up dirty lyrics to top 50 songs and laughing so hard we almost fell out of the canoe. He was always a unique person, even in Westport where crazy, funny people grew on trees! Long life Charlie, wish I could be there!!!

  3. Charlie also played with the legendary Arthur Lee (of Love fame) on his Lee’s solo LP, “Vindicator.” And props to Kootch as well for his contributions to the early James Taylor canon.

  4. I’m sure a lot of us remember going to see White Chocolate perform at Players Tavern. They were THE band to see – such good music, so much fun and one of our own.

  5. saw charlie alot back in the day, I sat in alot playing harp.great time. still playing harp and sax.hard to find musicians that wanna play good blues.muddy, little walter, sonny boy,JR wells.