Westport’s Wire

A Scotsman who spent many years in Taiwan is now wiring Westport.

Gordon Graham

Gordon Graham

In late 2007 Gordon Graham and his wife moved to Westport, primarily for the schools.  His masters degree was in international marketing, but he started a hyper-local business:  a website to help small businesses promote themselves.

A free bulletin board on the site also lets Westporters make announcements, and trade goods and services.

And a page of small business tips offers advice on writing Yellow Page ads and finding referrals.

WestportWire.com is perfect for local businesses like martial arts studios and real estate agencies.  The bulletin board attracts math tutors, baby sitters and the like.

The natural question arises:  What’s the difference between WestportWire and Craigslist?

“They’re similar,” Gordon admits.  “This is a simplified version of Craigslist.  It’s targeted only to the Westport area” — which he calls “loosely, Norwalk, Fairfield and Weston.”

“It’s possibly too narrow a niche,” he notes.

But Gordon is thinking big.  Ultimately, he hopes, WestportWire will be his fulltime work.

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  1. We’ve worked with Gordon and he’s a terrific guy. Seems to know a lot about a lot of things.