Man Oh Manolo

Manolo Restaurant, Westport CTA few days ago, “06880” tripped down Memory Lane with recollections of the bajillion Westport restaurants that have served their last wasabi-crusted tuna, waffles or whatever.

Now we focus on a new restaurant.  Manolo recently opened in the Church Street space formerly occupied by Zest.  Here’s one reader’s report:

Bottom line, the experience was fantastic.  They serve full and half-sized meals, so we ordered a bunch of dishes and ate tapas-style.

Most of the dishes — the steak, chicken, tuna tartare, risotto, polenta — were fantastic, but I worked a bit too hard to clear out the bones of the snapper and sardines.

I forget what we had for appetizers — oh, the squid (or was it the octopus?) — was a bit tough, but still good.

The waiters and everyone we came in contact with were super-nice.  Maybe best of all, it was really reasonably priced.  I think the most expensive item was the full-sized portion of the steak, at $28 (that might also have been the tastiest dish).

We didn’t have any dessert, having eaten too much to leave any room for more.

Sounds good to me.  And if you — like our reviewer — feel stuffed, the Y is right across the street.

3 responses to “Man Oh Manolo

  1. I agree….Manolo is really, really good.

  2. We had a great dinner. And my grilled octopus was just perfect!

  3. I loved Manolo. We had a fantastic meal there and were especially pleased to see the carpeted flooring – a great added benefit for muting the sound of other diners smacking their lips. I will definitely be a regular at Cafe Manolo.