10 Grand In Your Hand

home renovationDo not read this unless you plan a renovation project between early September and mid-November.

And you want to save $10,000.

Of course there’s a catch.  You’ll be filmed throughout the process for a TV show.

Casting has begun in the Westport area for a show called “10 Grand in Your Hand.”  Going into its 2nd season on the DIY Network, the aim is to show people how to trim at least 10K off their budget by doing some of the work themselves.

Of course, it’s not as selfless as it seems.  I’ve never seen the DIY Network — truth to be told, the 1st time I heard of it was 8 seconds ago — but I’m guessing the producers are not looking for homeowners who:

  • are experienced at renovation
  • have a mild, easy-going demeanor when faced with a typical renovation problem such as a toilet malfunction, spewing thousands of gallons of water all over the new floor, or
  • do not have some kind of major character or personality flaw.

The producers, I’m thinking, probably also hope to find local homeowners who have never seen a reality TV show before.  Or, if they have, are the kind of people who think, “Wow.  If I went on national TV, that kind of stuff would never happen to me.

Interested?  Contact patrick@boywonderproductions.net.  Who knows?  You could save yourself 10 grand.

And all it would cost is your pride, dignity and good name.

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