Say Goodbye To The Saugatuck Post Office

blog - POThe Saugatuck post office will close Saturday — just 4 days from now.

According to, a US Postal Service spokesman said the facility was in “substandard condition.”

I had little to do with the Saugatuck post office, beyond occasionally retrieving packages that had to be signed for.  (Why they weren’t left at the Post Road post office, less than 2/10 of a mile from my home, is a longtime mystery that now will never be solved.)

Parking was atrocious.

But the employees there were extra-nice — they were as far from “going postal” as could be imagined — and I always sensed a nice, homey atmosphere in the tiny, cramped (yeah, probably “substandard”) building.

And not to point fingers, but why — with all the action in Saugatuck, including upcoming gentrification — is this facility closing, while the less busy (but way cuter) Green’s Farms branch remains open?

I’m just sayin’…

4 responses to “Say Goodbye To The Saugatuck Post Office

  1. Barbara Rothenberg

    I totally agree with you … it was always my preferred post office……

  2. Stephen Rubin

    OK…nobody wants the Post Office to close and nobody wants the town services to be limited but you don’t like the $0.44 new postage (and going up) and you don’t want taxes going up. You get upset when town stores close but you don’t shop in them! Balance is key.

  3. Com’on Dan… A few days after you nail the Saugatuck Post Office for bad parking it gets targeted by the Feds for closure. Looks as if you’re taking over for Prince of Darkness Novak.

  4. Shhhh. Don’t even mention “Greens Farms “and “closing” in the same paragraph. I love that place!