Finding Paw-Radise In Westport

I don’t have a dog.  And when I drive I like to watch the road, not stare randomly at storefronts.

Pawradise, Westport CTSo for a few months I missed the news that Paw-Radise, a pretty poorly punnily named salon and spa for dogs, opened on Post Road West, just over the bridge across from the Inn at National Hall.  (Cat grooming can be provided after consulting with the head groomer — phew.)

Offerings include “state-of-the-art grooming with professional grooming stylists.”  Baths, shampoos, haircuts, blow drying, hand stripping, nail trimming, ear cleaning, pedicures, massage treatments, even aromatherapy — all are available at varying rates.

With human beings forgoing such luxuries — losing your job or pension can do that to you — what’s the demand for paying someone to brush your puggle’s teeth?

“So far so good — knock on wood,” says owner Aleida Kohen.

She admits that people who, in flusher times, might have groomed Spot every month, now cut back to every 2 months or so.

“But they still have to do it,” she says.  “So far we’ve been blessed.  People see the quality of what we do.  We’ve gotten very good reviews.”

Paw-Radise does not discriminate on the basis of age (“older dogs are generally mellow and easy to work with”) or behavior problems (“if it becomes impossible to complete a dog’s grooming due to safety issues, we will discontinue the grooming and charge only for the amount of work that was completed”).


(For more information, click here or call 203-557-0558.)

5 responses to “Finding Paw-Radise In Westport

  1. Regarding Paw-Radise’s non-discrimination policies: they also service dogs of every size and pedigree, i.e., my first personal encounter with one of those Sesame Street – long, black, cork screw haired, enormous sized chiens was when I popped in to see what I could pick up for a friends child’s new puppy and also where I met the owner’s latest addition adopted from the Westport dog shelter.

  2. There was a dog salon / dog store in Denver called “Puppercrombie & Bitch.” No joke! Hilarious.

  3. I love Pawradise. Despite the poorly punnily named business, it is well run and Lucy always comes out happy and beautiful.

  4. Please do not go here! The new location is awful. My dog left with a large cut behind his ear that got infected.

    We think it’s because the groomer was watching sports in the back while cutting Chaplin’s hair. Please be careful and don’t let it happen to your puppy!!