A Book Story

I’ve written over a dozen books.

It’s bad enough that some are already out of print.

It’s worse that I saw 1 of them — a project that took me a year to research and write — on a long table yesterday, at the Westport Public Library‘s annual book sale.

Even worse, people skipped over it like it carried swine flu.

Worse than that, it was a signed copy.  Inscribed to somebody.  As a gift from me.

I suppose worst of all will be if I go back Tuesday, when everything is free.  And find it still there.

One of my books is somewhere among the masses.

One of my books is somewhere among the masses.

7 responses to “A Book Story

  1. Not quite the same thing but in Bobby Valentine’s restaurant, they put the front page of our sports section over the urinals in the men’s room. Humbling!

  2. Dan,
    If you give me an autographed book, I PROMISE NOT to give it away…EVER !

  3. Eric Buchroeder

    Not to worry, I paid hard cash for my copy and you won’t be seeing it any book sales at least while I’m around.

  4. Hi Dan– I’m with Eric. I’m not donating my copy to anyone. It’s sitting right here on my shelf. And yes, I read it.

  5. I promise my copies of your books will never end up at a book sale. I’ve always thought Woog’s World captures the entirety of life in Westport; the absurdities, the beauty, the pettiness…the town’s personality.