About Those Boats…

Compo Yacht Basin, Sunday afternoon

Compo Yacht Basin, Sunday afternoon

Today was the most beautiful day of the year — and it was a Sunday.

If people won’t take their boats out today, when will they?

3 responses to “About Those Boats…

  1. This has been true for decades – I’ve never understood it either. Most marinas remain 3/4 full on the weekends. Notable exceptions are the two yacht clubs on the Saugatuck, their slips are mostly empty on the weekends.

    Two factors I’m aware of: it’s not easy to get an active family with kids all going in the same direction, and many boats require excessive maintenance and are not ready to go out.

  2. Warren Shapiro

    I guess if you have a boat you can afford to pay for the $200+ or so it costs just to take it out for a “spin”. But maybe with times being tight a few of those folks are having second thoughts. I at least try to make it to the beach on days like yesterday. It’s free and I don’t need a fancy boat to enjoy the day. But that’s just me.