Remembering Mario Sacco

Marios Place Westport CTMario Sacco, who 4 decades ago founded Mario’s Place with Frank DeMace, has died.

A posting on the Facebook group “Mario’s Place Was/Is The Best Place to Work and Eat!!!” announced his death, while on a trip to Mississippi with his wife.  His body has been cremated.  No further details were available.

While nearly every other Westport restaurant has come and gone — many times over — Mario’s was a model of consistency.  The menu seldom changed; the drinks and decor were always the same — and that comfortable atmosphere made it a Westport landmark.  For 40 years Mario’s has been the go-to place for Westport commuters, families, and folks celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and promotions (or commiserating over job losses and divorces).

Mario is gone.  But his name will live on — above the door, and in our town’s memory — for decades to come.

4 responses to “Remembering Mario Sacco

  1. God Bless you Mario.

    Thanks for being such a great friend to my
    family over the last 40 years.

    Rest in Peace!!

  2. Chip Stephens

    God Bless You Mario
    The business will stay hopefully but who will not miss him sitting at the end of the bar, smiling and greeting every person in the room. He hung in there up until a few months ago and even towards the end he always beamed when my kids would say Hi Mario. Another true icon, A leading star in that epic “WESTPORT the Movie” is gone but not soon forgotten.

  3. I am in my mid 50’s. When I was 16, I got into an car accident near my house. It was my first and all the upset took hours. When my Dad got home from work, he said “there is a new place opened at the RR station, lets go there and have dinner.” He made me drive so I would get back in the “saddle” so to speak, and that began a long association with Mario’s. I remember going there for soooo many occations as I grew up. My daughter, at 2, learn the word restaurant there. lol. I took her there after her high school graduation. My mom knew them so well, they fixed her drink, just right, when she came in.
    Mario was so wonderful with everyone. You always felt special when he stoped at your table and said hi. He will be sadly missed….


  4. Art and Jean Eichorn

    Dear Mario, may you rest in peace. We came to your restaurant from the time you opened, and we enjoyed every minute of every time we went. We retired to Nevada 7 years ago, but we will always remember Mario’s for the best restaurant ever. Love you, Mario, will never forget you or your restaurant. Our children, Bud, Nancy and Jim, too, always remember the fun we had there. There has never been or never will be another place like Mario’s, friendly, warm, great food, great people.