The Perfect Wedding Dress

Nah. It'sFresh didn't like this one.

Nah. ItsFresh didn't like this one.

I know squat about wedding dresses.

But I do know blogs, and customer service.  So when I saw, buried in the blogosphere, a random entry by some anonymous bride-to-be about her search for the perfect gown, my interest was piqued.

Not because I give a you-know-what about wedding dresses.  This just had a Westport connection.

Here’s the post, by a woman calling herself ItsFresh.  After a bad experience in Stamford…

Misty (my maid of honor) and I then went to Sukran’s Bridal in Westport, CT.  I walked in and Misty mumbled, “Oh no, Candace.  I don’t know about this place.”  All around us was MESS. Receipts, pieces of fabric, dresses with pins in them, bridesmaid dresses on racks and mannequins piled in corners. There were tuxedos everywhere, with measuring tapes hanging off furniture like cobwebs.  Shoe boxes littered the floor.  ‘Oh my goodness,’ I thought.  I almost walked out….

“Hi hi! Come in!” yelled a friendly voice.  From behind a mountain of clutter appeared a girl who couldn’t be much more than 18 years old. The young girl, Tatiana, helped me find a few dresses in the style I wanted.  Tatiana knew where everything was.  In this showroom of clutter, she pulled six dresses that were all mermaid styles from various racks and worked her way over the shoe boxes and bow ties and hangers that littered the floor.  She ushered me into a spacious dressing room where I tried on exactly six.  With each one, I felt indifferent.  They were nice, but maaaan, I don’t know….

Tatiana, the pint sized gorgeous sales girl, told me in her thick mysterious accent, “It’s ok.  You will find your dress… and when you do, you will know.”…
“You know,” she said, “Sukran can make you a dress if you don’t find one you like but know what you are looking for.  She’s very good, and she can make it to fit any budget.”

ItsFresh wasn’t buyin’ it.  But suddenly…

Sukran, the Turkish owner came over to my dressing room.  She is in her early fifties and has unmanageable jet black hair.  She said, “So vat, you don’t like zee dress? I make for you any dress you like.”  She continued to tell me that she can make me a dress that is fitted throughout and flares at the bottom like i wanted.  I told her that I wanted some sort of ruching across the stomach so that you won’t see the outline of my belly button, and she said curiously, “Vell, vait here, I sink I have one dress you vill like the bodice of.  I show you, and I make you a similar dress.”  She came back with a dress in tow and slipped it over my head.

The details of that dress mean nothing to me.  Click here if you need to know.

I walked out, turned, looked in the mirror and promptly burst into tears. This was The Dress and I was so overwhelmed with happiness thinking about the day that I will walk down the aisle to meet my fiance and say our vows to one another.  Sukran played with the train, showing me how she would cut here, nip there, pin there, take this part off, etc.  Excitedly, she told me this was her last dress of this style in her store- that she stopped carrying it because it was too expensive for people and she likes to keep her prices reasonable.  Well, since she had discontinued this dress. she gave me 50% off which made the price less than any other dress I had tried on.

I am so happy, and the dress is AMAZING.  But sadly, I will not be posting picture of the dress until after the wedding.  You will have to wait and see!!
Well, okay.  Check out ItsFresh’s blog if you want.  As for me, I’ve done my Westport-customer service-blog duty for the day.

3 responses to “The Perfect Wedding Dress

  1. Nice story. It is not too much to ask for store owners to actually care. Just like your Silver’s blog, please keep letting us know about the stores around town that “care”. So far the list is Sukran and Silvers…any others?

    • Nope, no others.

      Just kiddin’. I’m sure there are more — “06880” readers, feel free to add your own personal stories of above-and-beyond customer care.

  2. Our family has frequented both Silver’s and Sukran’s, and concur with your story.

    I’ve always thought the Athletic Shoe Factory has been good to their customers and to many of the Westport sports leagues. Ed Mitchell’s and the car wash by Bertucci’s (forget the exact name) also come to mind. Trader Joe’s is building that reputation.