Dachshund Festival Followup

KD Liepolt, a 15-year-old wirehair, was the elder stateswoman at yesterday’s Dachshund Festival.

Like many participants, she is a rescue dog.  (That means she was rescued – not that she trots into snowy mountains to rescue imperiled adventurers.)

Congratulations, KD.  Arf!

KD Liepolt

KD Liepolt

4 responses to “Dachshund Festival Followup

  1. KD Liepolt, as in Mr. Liepolt? Staples High School’s very own English teacher?

  2. KD’s moustache makes him look very distinguished

  3. Think K.D. Laing and you’ll get an idea of HER barking style. The moustache and eyebrows are classic features of wirehaired dachshunds… male and female.