One Way To Go

We do it so often, we never think about it:  Leave Town Hall, take a right on Myrtle Avenue, a left on Main Street, another left on Avery Place, a right back onto Myrtle, and  finally we’re on our way out to the Post Road.

How dumb is that?

True, we don’t waste that much gas idling at two lights, circling the block to get back almost where we began.

And the minute or two isn’t too bad when measured against, say, time spent watching “American Idol.”

But it is silly.  It’s also unnecessary.

Myrtle Avenue in front of Town Hall is wide enough for 2-way traffic.  For good measure, eliminate the few on-street parking spots.  I’m sure they’re convenient for someone, but there’s ample room behind Town Hall and in the lot near Achorn’s.

On the global stage, this is not like disarming North Korea.  It’s not even as important as AT&T cheating to help Kris Allen win.

But little things mean a lot.  Besides, I’m tired of driving around in circles.

Westport CT Town Hall

2 responses to “One Way To Go

  1. Jonathan Steinberg

    A very sensible suggestion!

    The three minutes it often takes to circle the block seems much longer and totally wasteful.

    You’d have to move the mailbox on the western side, but the bigger issue is how you reconfigure the entry onto Myrtle from Main Street north (where the 3-way lanes are now). The turn to the southeast from Main would be particularly tight.

    Nothing totally insoluble, but might require some $$$ to accomplish, which we seem not to have right now…

  2. Linda Smith

    No one has commented that that is just about the ONLY parking spaces that the Westport Historical Society has. There are 4-5 on the property and a few on Avery Place (but they are mostly taken by the doctors’ office patients. So really the only place to park for the WHS are the 6-8 spots along Myrtle Avenue.