A.R. Gurney And The Playhouse

A.R GurneyFamed playwright A.R. Gurney has a long relationship with the Westport Country Playhouse.

They’ve staged 13 of his plays — 2 of them world premieres.  Most memorable was The Fourth Wall.   Its strong liberal bent displeased some audience members, who loudly slammed the door while walking out. Gurney helped usher them out.  “Good night, and thank you for coming anyway,” he said.

This Sunday, the playwright returns to the Playhouse.  He’ll host a conversational symposium following the 3 p.m. matinee of his intriguing family drama Children.

The program is free, and open to the public.  This play — revealing secrets of a wealthy family celebrating the Fourth of July at their New England home — is, like Fourth Wall, complex.  Odds are good, though, that this time theater-lovers will flock to hear Gurney — not leave in anger.

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