By day they perform biopsies and colonoscopies.  At night they rock the house.

Dr. Robert Altbaum

Dr. Robert Altbaum

They’re DNR, the area’s only physician-assisted classic rock band.  Four of the 8 members are doctors, and they’re as adept with an ax as they are with a knife.  In fact, Bob Altbaum — a Westport internist and the band’s keyboardist/vocalist — has just been named a “Top Doc” by Connecticut Magazine.

That’s no small honor.  The publication asked 2,000 doctors who they’d recommend to a loved one.  This is Altbaum’s 5th consecutive appearance on the list.

Two other DNR members — Norwalk’s Andrew Parker (ear, nose and throat specialist/lead singer) and Fairfield’s Richard Frank (cancer specialist/saxophonist) — were also named “Top Docs.”  

Also in the band:  Westport’s Fred Ury.  He’s a bass guitarist/lawyer.  Go figure.

DNR is a long-time Levitt Pavilion, charity affair and private party favorite. 

Their name — medicalese for “Do Not Resuscitate” — is an inside joke.  I hope.

2 responses to “DNR

  1. TOM Feeley

    Bob’s the BEST.
    Great guy and a trifle smart [Bronx High School of Science + Harvard Medical]. He also does a GREAT Blue’s Brothers routine. Did I mention FAB doc ?

  2. Mike Pettee


    Correction: Dr. Frank is actually the head of the Whittinghom Cancer Center at Norwalk Hospital. I know that he – and the DNR Group – will be playing at the Whittingham Cancer Center’s 6th annual benefit starting at 10 AM @ Calf Pasture Beach this Saturday, May 30th. (See recent article in the Westport News). Runners take off @ 11 and walkers @ noon.