Meet Manolo

In the best of times it takes self-confidence, steel nerves and big bucks to open a restaurant in Westport.

These are not the best of times.

Nonetheless, workers are busy transforming the recently vacated Zest into Cafe Manolo.  After more than a century as a bank basement, the space — underneath Patagonia, across from the Y — opens in June as a 2nd consecutive eatery.

Manolo’s website calls it “a dream created by experience and memories.” Chef Pedro Garzon — formerly with the Barcelona restaurant group  — has a background in both Europe and Barbados.

Manolo promises “traditional Mediterranean fare and presentation.”

Let’s hope our pocketbooks and palate are where Manolo’s owners think they are.

Let’s hope our usual aversion to parking more than 10 steps from a restaurant’s door doesn’t doom this new place.

And let’s thank Manolo for rushing in where many other restaurateurs would not dare tread.

Cafe Manolo

6 responses to “Meet Manolo

  1. Andy Pforzheimer

    I can’t wait. I’ve always thought that Chef Garzon was one of the most talented chefs around, and I know that he’ll create something accessible, affordable, and high-quality.

  2. Yikes! Doesn’t Chef Garzon know that it is illegal to open a restaurant in Westport that doesn’t have “Italian, Pizza or Brick Oven” in its name. Anyway, I look forward to trying the “traditional Mediterranean fare and presentation.” Best of luck Chef and congratulations for daring to be a little different!

  3. Fernando Ulloa, Jr.

    I look forward to trying something new in these trying times. Pedro, I wish you the best! Your neighbor, Fern.

  4. mark berlin

    we wish you nothing but good luck
    being with you the past few years, i have learned what a professional chef really is

    you got it buddy
    mark and rhonda

  5. Amy McKenna

    Barcelona was always our “special occasion” place. SO excited about your independent break out venture. We’ll be there with bells on to help you settle in. We’re hungry! It’ll be great to see you again.

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