Y’all Come Back Now

Bank of AmericaA new sign hangs on the Bank of America downtown branch door:  “Come back soon.”

It’s the kind of thing you’d see at a diner, or maybe a florist.

Granted, Bank of America has had some itty-bitty problems, with its serial acquisition of other troubled banks, billions of dollars in non-performing loans, and now-defenestrated CEO Kenneth Lewis.

I’m no Tim Geithner, but it seems the way back to profitability does not lie in printing faux-folksy signs.  I want my bank solid and secure, not all homey and aw-shucksy.  I  don’t need the teller cages of yore, but don’t pander to me.  I go to the bank when I have to. Stop pretending it’s a place I drop in on a whim, to chat up the tellers and snag a free lollipop.

If only there were another bank in Westport to try…

2 responses to “Y’all Come Back Now

  1. Dan,
    Something tells me you won’t be opening an account here http://www.redneckbank.com/
    anytime soon.

  2. Chip Stephens

    There was a time that many of us stopped by Westport Bank and Trust (now Patagonia) to say hi to a family member or neighbor who worked there even when it was not a financial transaction. Even stopped in to view the murals on the walls, pick up a tide chart in the spring or a calander at new year.
    I am not against the marketing at B of A, better they cater to us than ignore us while ….. well you know. I also still pine over Ellie Mae !