Honoring Up-And-Coming Artists

When the 16th annual Westport Arts Awards are presented this fall, some honorees may be not much older than the honors themselves.

The Westport Arts Advisory Committee is seeking recommendations from the community, for its Horizon Awards.  They’ll go to rising artists who were raised in Westport, or now live here.  Candidates can be involved in visual arts, literary arts, film, theater, dance or music.

Ari Edelson, 2005 Horizon Award honoree

Ari Edelson, 2005 Horizon Award honoree (Photo by Emily Hamilton Laux)

They must be younger than 32 years old, and have already “demonstrated excellence” in their field.

Candidates — or those who nominate them — should send a resume, and visual sample if applicable, to:  horizonaward@gmail.com.  The deadline is June 15.

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