Inklings In The Vanguard

Newspapers across the country are scrambling to be relevant in the digital age.

Inklings already is. - Staples HSThe award-winning Staples paper took a giant step into cyberspace Friday.  Students launched a re-design of, a journalistically sharp and graphically handsome website that will make it — along with “06880” and — a prime source for breaking Westport news, photos and features.

Since 1930 the student-run paper has covered the usual school stuff:  sports, new teachers, cafeteria food.  In recent years it’s been a bit edgier, examining topics like Adderall abuse, condoms and, most recently, God.  But printing twice monthly, its news was not always hot.

Inklings has been online for a few years, but only recently has the goal been a 24/7 news source.  A freshman — Logan Rosen — made  it happen.

His first re-design was good, but — in tune with  Staples’ spirit — Inklings wanted “great.”  Advisor Steve Rexford and staff were ready to pay a hefty sum to a company that creates professional-looking sites for school papers.

Logan said he could do better.

Using a free WordPress theme, he took just 3 weeks to create the new site.  It’s fast, user-friendly, even fun.  And very 21st-century.

Editor-in-chief Victor Hollenberg hopes to leverage Inklings’ large staff to cover every nook of the school, along with town issues.

Website editor Lexi Preiser wants InklingsNews to be “the go-to news source for Staples students.”  Her goal is to hear the buzz:  “Hey, did you read InklingsNews last night?”

Inklings is not finished.  Next year they plan to integrate the site with other school-based technology, including hallway TVs.  They may add video and other multimedia.

And — like good journalists in any medium — they hope to scoop the competition.  As in  And “06880.”

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