Toby Burns In The Times

Anyone who watched Toby  Burns perform at Staples knew he had a great future.

Just a few years later, Toby — now “Tobias” — has earned his first review in the New York Times.

Today’s review of “Artifacts of Consequence” cites “Mr. Burns’s debonair charm and old-Hollywood voice.”  He is part of a “pale, beaten-down troupe of performers…who sing, dance and act with the polished technique and cool personality of robots trained at a dystopian Juilliard” (as they’re supposed to — that’s part of the show!).

Tobias BurnsAfter Harvard — where Toby sang with the famed Krokodiloes a cappella group — he had the lead in several off-off-Broadway productions.  Now, in the East Village, he’s one “off” closer to Broadway.

His father — noted author and media critic Eric Burns, the former host of “Fox News Watch” — has his 6th book coming out soon.  He’s hoping for a review as good as his son’s.

(“Artifacts of Consequence” continues through May 2 at the Wild Project, 195 E. 3rd St., New York; 212-352-3101;

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