Pedals For Progress

With spectacular weather predicted for this weekend, Westporters all over town look forward to — spring cleaning.

Like most garages, yours probably has a few dusty bicycles.  Your kids outgrew them; you bought one in a fit of exercise-induced lunacy; you forget where another even came from.  You don’t want to throw them away, but you don’t know who could use them.

Will Hardy and Lizzie Leonard can.

The  Staples students are organizing their 2nd annual Pedals for Progress used bike drive.  Last year they collected 137 bikes, for use overseas in places so remote and poor that walking may be the only means of transportation.  Bikes open amazing new worlds of education, employment and healthcare.

A week from Sunday — May 3, from noon to 3 p.m. — Will and Lizzie will collect used bikes at the Senior Center.  They can be adults’ and kids’; old, dirty, broken-down, with flat tires — the only condition is they have all their parts.  (They also request a $10 donation to Pedals 4 Progress, to help with shipping costs.)  Tax-deductible receipts will be provided.

A clean garage; a new life for your bike — spring cleaning suddenly doesn’t sound so bad.

(For more information, email, or call 227-8150).

Pedals4Progress used bicycle collection

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