Tyler Hicks Shares Pulitzer Prize

Tyler Hicks — the Staples High School graduate who has spent a decade shooting searing photos from the world’s most troubled spots — is part of the New York Times2009 Pulitzer Prize-winning team.

The paper won 5 of journalism’s top honors this year, including International Reporting.  Tyler’s photo — on page A16 of today’s paper — shows American soldiers preparing for a possible Taliban attack, at their Afghan base near the Pakistani border.

Westporters have grown used to seeing Tyler’s photo credit in the Times.  Remarkably, he is 1 of 3 of the world’s leading photojournalists who graduated from Staples in the 1980s.  Lyndsey Addario and Spencer Platt are the other 2.

We often worry that Westport youth grow up in a bubble.  Pulitzer Prize-winning Tyler, Lyndsey and Spencer know  a much larger world lies beyond our borders.  Every day, their work opens eyes around that world.

Tyler Hicks' photo for the New York Times

Tyler Hicks' photo for the New York Times

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