Crumbs Comes To Town

Caroline Purvins loves Westport.  She says it’s “picturesque, quaint” — and when she looks out the window she sees “geese, not pigeons.”

As a New Yorker, Caroline can be forgiven for thinking that Canada geese are cuter, cuddlier or less obnoxious than pigeons.  But she’s right about the rest of that view.  Her enormous windows look out on Jesup Green, the library, the river — it’s one of the best views in town.

And right now many Westporters strolling by enjoy looking the direction too:  in.  Caroline’s windows showcase Westport’s newest store:  Crumbs.  The upscale cupcakery has just opened its 15th New York-area store, at the prime corner on Taylor Place behind Tiffany.  It’s only the 2nd Crumbs in Connecticut; the other is in Stamford.

“Don’t tell the other stores, but this might be the best location,” Caroline says.  (No worries — your secret is safe  ;))

Caroline Purvins shows off her favorite cupcakes

Caroline Purvins shows off her favorite cupcakes

Caroline — who despite a cupcake-based diet is as lithe as a gymnast — bubbles with enthusiasm for her new store.  “The customers are so happy to have us here!” she says.  “Everyone is so welcoming.  They’re all talking about birthday parties, bridal showers — it’s great!”

Crumbs, it should be noted, has been open for all of 2 days.  And though lots of people are away on school vacation, a steady stream of sugarholics already fills the spacious store.  They’re drawn not just by the colorful assortment of cupcakes (in varieties like cappucino, Heath bar, lemon meringue and grasshopper, most for $3.75), but also brownies (walnut, Oreo, marble; $3.25), cakes (Reese’s and apple caramel, $34; red velvet, $40), along with muffins, Danish, croissants, pastries, cookies, coffee and soda.

One sign says, “Made by Hand.  Baked by Love.”  Another certifies that the goods are strictly kosher (“except for Passover”).

How smart is it to open an upscale business in a time of global downscaling?

Caroline did not want to speak for the owners.  Personally, she said, “it’s a worry for anyone.  But as far as Crumbs goes, I’m very comfortable.  In times like these, everyone needs a treat.

“I feel so lucky to work here,” Caroline continued. “I started in college, and it’s a great company.  We all know each other so well.  And who wouldn’t be happy selling cupcakes, and making people happy?”

Point well taken.  So now, the most important question:  What is Caroline’s favorite cupcake?

“Hostess!” she answered immediately.  “I love it!”

She paused.  “But maybe soon it will be the Baba Booey.  It’s new!  It’s chocolate chip and peanut butter.  I don’t even like peanut butter!  But the chips…!”

Staples athletes David Mortner and Yarden Orly finish training with some well-deserved cupcakes

Staples athletes Yarden Orly and David Mortner finish training with some well-deserved cupcakes

5 responses to “Crumbs Comes To Town

  1. I went to Crumbs today and purchased two cupcakes. They were quite good and the different varieties of cupcakes is amazing. However, I was the eleventh person in line and it took me almost 15 minutes to receive my cakes, since Crumbs also wants to be a Starbucks wannebe, so the people in front of me were ordering coffee that takes some time to make.

    I hope they do well, but if you are going to show up Saturday to be one of the first 1,000 to get a freebie, be prepared for a very, very long wait.

    As for me, I am a total fan of Great Cakes, and they have better “normal” cupcakes, plus cakes that don’t sell for $34. It’s a local business and we need to support all of them. If you haven’t had a GC cupcake, please try one, they are great!

  2. those boys sure are attractive

  3. Great Cakes is still the place to go in the morning!! Support the local place!

  4. Chip Stephens

    Great cakes is open in the morning.. I stopped by Crumbs just after 7AM yesterday to check out some good breakfast stuff and the lights were not on yet,,, and there was a parade of cars slowly looking in, as I was, wondering what the heck they were thinking ???
    Got some GREAT stickey buns at Great Cakes instead of moaping ….

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