Last night the Westport Arts Center opened its latest exhibition: “Home.”  It’s an intriguing collection of paintings and drawings that — pleasantly and darkly, familiarly and abstractly — touch upon more than a dozen artists’ conceptions of home.

So I started thinking of mine.

I wandered through the crowded gallery.  I searched for answers.  But I couldn’t figure out what “home” meant to me.

Then I stepped outside, onto the patio.  I looked across the foggy Saugatuck River, at the bright lights sparkling downtown in defiance of all the bad stuff going on everywhere in the world.   And I got it.

“Home” is a place where hundreds of people gather in a small gallery on a Friday night.  They enjoy good art, free wine, and the company of very interesting people.   They value creativity, they relish ideas, they understand that even — especially — when times are tough, art sustains and nourishes us all.

Home is my town.  Our town.  Home is this town.

2 responses to “Home

  1. home is an easy one to answer…loeffler field

  2. Pete Brummel

    Westport is my home town and always will be. What a profound influence its townspeople had during the 15 years of growing up there until 1980. Common folk, common places, excellent educators & leaders; people you could count on as mentors and great soccer players too!