The Greening of CL&P

Here’s an offer that’s easy to refuse:  Pay more for electricity.

But wait — there’s more!

If you sign up for “community energy” with CL&P, your bill will rise about 5 percent. But you’ll force the utility to buy all of your home electricity from clean, renewable sources like wind and water.  No more nuclear, gas, oil or coal — the cheap-but-dirty electricity CL&P now buys.

Need more reasons to pay more?  Keep reading!

For every 100 Westport families signing up, the town receives a free $20,000 solar panel from the CT Clean Energy Fund. We have 4 so far, thanks to 400 families; those panels will soon be installed on a school.

Still not convinced?  How about this:

In partnership with Staples’ Club Green, Community Energy is offering school clubs and teams a chance to make money.  Families enrolling in “community energy” through June 30 can designate any Staples organization to receive $30.  No favorite cause?  The $30 goes to Club Green.

You can leave the program at any time, without penalty.

No one wants to pay more for anything.  But when you can lower your carbon footprint, decrease dependence on polluting sources of electricity, help earn a solar panel and donate a chunk of change to your favorite club or team, it’s hard not to.

Do it today!

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