Honoring A Hero

At Staples, Eric Meyer often did things his own way.  But last summer, when a woman on his boat off the coast of Mexico suffered a life-threatening diving injury, Eric did everything by the book.

He was the only person among dozens — including the captain — who knew CPR.  He helped save her life.  And yesterday Eric was honored as a hero by the Mid-Fairfield County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

First selectman Gordon Joseloff introduced Eric’s video account of the rescue.  Eric received a handsome glass figure, along with the prestigious Certificate of Merit signed by President Obama.  In a speech to over 450 attendees, Eric talked eloquently about the importance of learning CPR.

Eric’s morning was well deserved.  But for coolness, nothing beat 3 high-tech billboards looming over I-95.  For a couple of weeks, Eric’s face smiled down on hundreds of thousands of drivers as they slogged along our highway from hell.

Eric was not always recognized in high school.  Today he’s a hero who’s hard to miss.


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