A First For First Selectman

A woman nearly earns the presidential nomination; an African American edges her out, and wins in a landslide.  What’s next?

How about an Englishman running for first selectman?

That’s next, by Jove, after this week’s announcement from the Republican Town Committee. Gavin Anderson — two-term Board of Finance member, and long-time  corporate finance director — is expected to win nomination when the RTC meets in July.

His running mate is likely to be Board of Education member Kristin LaFleur.  That’s not ground-breaking — Jacqueline Heneage, Marty Hauhuth and Diane Farrell were female first selectmen; Betty Lou Cummings has served in the second spot, and Shelly Kassen is our current second selectman(woman)(person).

But a Brit — that’s one for the books. 

Gavin Anderson is straight out of central casting.  He stands tall and dignified; he speaks perfect English (in a perfect English accent), and makes key points with wry understatement.

His manners are courteous.  His expected foe — first selectman Gordon Joseloff — is similarly calm and clear-headed.

Both men love Westport, and have served the town in many volunteer capacities.  The incumbent was raised here; the challenger chose it years ago, after leaving his native land.

Whoever wins, Westport will not lose.

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