Dan Chenok Opens Up Government

Barack Obama has a Facebook.  So does the CIA.  Chris Dodd takes time out from plummeting in the polls to Twitter.

It’s a new age in Washington.  President Obama has pledged to use technology to improve government performance and increase openness.  His success will depend on people like Dan Chenok.

The 1982 Staples grad chose a very different career path than his mother and stepfather, noted artists Ann and Bert Chernow.  A lifelong policy wonk with degrees from Columbia and Harvard, Dan put financial aid forms online for the Department of Education back in 1995, when dialup modems were the bomb.

His fulltime gig is with technology consultant Pragmatics. But Dan ran a tech group for Obama’s transition team, and still advises them.  Last week he was on a webinar with Vivek Kundra, the nation’s first Chief Information Officer.

Dan knows that open government faces concerns about national security.  And of course the federal bureaucracy does not measure time in nanoseconds.  “A web year is very different from a budget year,” he notes.

But Dan Chenok is an optimist. “The president has known the internet for half  his working life,” he says. “He’s the first Information Age president we’ve had.”

Although he’s a bit slow responding to wall posts.

One response to “Dan Chenok Opens Up Government

  1. I believe he is also the first sitting president to complete a March Madness bracket.