Y’s Men and Women

Say what you will about the Westport Weston Family Y‘s decision to move to Mahackeno — and I will too, one day when I decide I want half the town to hate me — but you can’t dis the people who work there.

I’m a 6 a.m. regular.  No matter what the weather, latest crisis (no hot water seems to steam the members frequently) or Very Important Person  needing attention NOW!!!!!!, the front desk crew is unfailingly friendly, efficient and unflappable.

It’s that way all day long. The guys delivering towels to the Men’s Health Center; the women mopping the floors just as some bozo — okay, me — tracks in a ton of Church Lane slush; program supervisors like Patty Kondub, who relentlessly but joyfully tries to sign me up for spin classes (which will happen the same day I fly to the planet Zork) — you name it, the hard-working men and women show no signs of working in a bizarre building, buffeted by demanding members, for an organization battling belligerently in the town’s longest-running brouhaha.

The staff sets a standard of hard work, courtesy and enthusiasm that all service employees human beings in Westport should strive to follow.

Y not indeed?

One response to “Y’s Men and Women

  1. Dan, many thanks on behalf of the staff at the Westport Weston Family Y. It is our pleasure.