A Modest Proposal

Shaw’s — like Gristede’s, Food Fair and Finast in Westport before it — is dead.

Customers have scattered east to Super Stop & Shop, where GPS is imperative for finding your way around, and west to Trader Joe’s, which proves that the only differences between a “supermarket” and a “grocery store” are a few minor items like a butcher shop, bakery and Drano.

A couple of nearby smaller tenants have also fled what used to be called (I think) Shaw’s Plaza.  While it is distressing to lose any retailer, the tumbleweed look of that strip mall provides a rare opportunity for Westport to do something bold, dynamic, perhaps unheard-of:

Eliminate a traffic light.

Why should hundreds of drivers each day slam to a stop in front of a nearly empty shopping center?  The only vehicles entering and exiting are construction trucks, and they make their own rules anyway.

Across the street, drivers enjoy many ways of fleeing with their Dunkin’ Donuts or pet food without stopping at that light.  It’s superfluous, vestigial — a vehicular version of the appendix.

Removal of the Shaw’s light:  One small step for a man, one giant leap for Lincoln Navigators.

3 responses to “A Modest Proposal

  1. Jill Denowitz

    so funny, I mentioned this to David last week.
    Congratulations on this new venture!

  2. Jerry Kuyper

    Hi Dan,

    You must be joking.

    As a resident of Rayfield Road (at the Volvo dealer) I am thankful to have the light you suggest removing. Turning on to the Post Road often feels like pulling onto I-95.

    The fact that drivers have to slam on the breaks indicates they are exceeding the speed limit and oblivious to important road features like traffic lights. Without the light I think traffic could get up to 5o mph just in time for the firehouse curve. Pity the poor pedestrian that would have no crossing from Trader Joe’s to Sakura.

    It would certainly need to be reinstated when the new market opens up.

    • THANKS, Jerry — you make an excellent point, one I had not thought of. Your different perspective is very important.

      However, since I do not live on Rayfield, and this is my blog, and this is all about me, I stand by my proposal!