Beach Bozos

Dog-walkers, playground users and the rest of us were out in force at Compo this afternoon.  The weather was warm, so lemming-like we headed down to the sea.

In a lifetime of beach-going, I thought I’d seen everything there (including Joe Lieberman in a bathing suit — not a pretty sight).  But, proving there is always something new under the sun, today featured a loooong row of cars, parked merrily smack in the grassy median separating waterfront spots from the larger lots at South Beach.

blog-compo-cars This was one for the books.  Like bears waking from hibernation, folks were too slothful to park 10 yards away and walk wherever they were going.

I asked one woman, lumbering out of her car, why she pulled in there.

“Everyone else did, so I thought I would too,” she burbled.

Of course! And I am sure when your teenager says that same line to you, by way of explaining why he or she did something never before conceived of, you will say, “Now I understand — no problem!”

People:  Water is for swimming.  Grass is for walking. Asphalt is for parking.

What’s next — driving on the sand?  No, no, wait — I’m kidding!  STOP!

One response to “Beach Bozos

  1. I agree, I mean (to Dan’s point about teenagers telling their parents something like “everyone else was snortin’ coke ma! It’s no big deal!”) this is very hypocritical and lazy of our society that continues to transform into the loathed fast food nation. This is an outrage. Something should be done to people who care about little more than themselves (in this case a parking spot worth twenty less paces and an entire patch of now ruined land at our beach). And to make it worse, blaming it on the people who started it? So you’re a follower too? Why not stop the trend? “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke.